Some people just seem to have such good luck. You have probably heard other people speak of another persons good luck before. It is a good possibility that you have been the one mouthing the words “She is so lucky” before. What really is luck though? Are these people just randomly chosen by the world around us to be the lucky few? Are they part of some good luck club?

Now, I’m going to quote a women that I’ve never quoted before, but she makes a really great point. Oprah Winfrey said,

“I believe luck is preparation meeting opportunity. If you hadn’t been prepared when the opportunity came along, you wouldn’t have been ‘lucky.'”

Oprah is a women who we all know as extremely wealthy and successful but I don’t believe that is because she is just really lucky. However, I do believe what Oprah says and that luck is created by opportunity. Putting yourself in situations that will allow for possible opportunity is the gateway to luck. When it comes to real luck, the things that you have absolutely no control over like a wonderful family, I’ve been extremely lucky.

As for luck created by opportunity, I’ve been extremely lucky as well to have worked with some of the smartest and most creative people I know. That luck is not by chance. That luck was created by situations that allowed for opportunity.

I never intended for this blog to be too personal but this I just have to share and is the real inspiration for this topic.

mauraMy wife, Maura, is one of the hardest working and motivated people I know. She recently had what some may believe to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. An opportunity that some may believe to have stemmed from “luck”. She had the opportunity not only to meet the President of the United States, Barack Obama but she drove in his motorcade. “Oh my god, she’s so lucky!” You can call it luck if you want but that luck doesn’t just happen for no reason. That luck is created by her putting herself in situations that allow for possible opportunity. That is how luck is created!
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